Established in 1974, LBC was co-founded by the current Managing Director, Sir Robert J. Sinclair, Kt. At the time, Sir Bob was already running a profitable joinery and furniture company, namely Philco Joinery Ltd.LBC has since grown from strength to strength as it engaged in other construction related fields.


LBC and Philco Joinery established a branch office in Madang carrying out construction and manufactured products.


Lae Electrical Ltd. was established as a division of LBC to carry out all electrical reticulation and installations.


Lae Architectural Services Ltd. was established as the architectural and engineering arm of the business.


Office was opened in Port Moresby as the LBC Tile & Plaster Division which later became a full fledge branch office.


LBC saw a growing demand for structural steel work, hence the establishment of Lae Steel Fabricators.


The steel fabrication workshop was relocated to Marsh Street to produce large scale steel fabrication.


LBC acquired a large portion of machinery to set up a Glass and Aluminum Joinery Division and construction began on additional workshops in the Marsh and Montoro property.


To accommodate Lae Electrical Ltd. and the Plumbing Division of LBC, the Marsh & Montoro Street workshop was again extended.


LBC finally consolidated all its building operations and manufacturing facilities into one location. Expanded its workshop facilities to house the Building & Maintenance Division, the Construction Projects Division and the Construction Service Divisions into one area at the Marsh and Montoro Street locations.